We’re back on track

We are really excited about the future at Centenary Lounge and would like to share our latest news with you. With our mix of Great British Railway Heritage, casual dining, amazing afternoon teas and elegant cocktails our café/venue delivers impeccable service with a relaxed ambiance. We are happy to report that our venues are now trading at Pre-Covid figures and continue to grow.

Our aim in 2021 is to open two Franchisee run stores. We are determined to provide the right partner with a store to be as successful as our Franchisor run locations. We have received strong customer data identifying potential locations and with our geo location software, we can provide supported evidence to help you find the right spot.

Our franchise journey means that we are looking for partners throughout the United Kingdom, we have potential locations with strong connections including Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and London, we are looking to build partnerships with franchisees who want an opportunity of multi revenue streams with a unique food and beverage concept, that works on the high street, malls, in travel termini and neighbourhood locations.

Centenary Lounge have strong brand partnerships with a proven concept of Franchisor owned outlets in Worcester and Birmingham, which has tailored operational support for our potential franchisees. We have created a uniquely successful concept that sets out our venues for an authentic experience with excellent but easy dining including cocktail and bar nights that are filled with Jazz overtones and private party experiences. Our customers can visit from morning, noon to night, producing an all-day revenue with additional online revenue streams.


This month we have launched our Return Ticket and Cocktail Experience Vouchers. These are going down a storm with our clientele, making great gifts or just a special purchase for themselves, online sales and group bookings have surged and continue to grow. We have also added our Father’s Day options to our website with other promotions planned for the upcoming months.

Click & Collect

In April, we have also launched our Click & Collect Service, in Worcester and Birmingham, which also supports our partnerships with Deliveroo. We are working with local business and the Chambers of Commerce to promote this new addition with voucher codes.


With new menu additions to engage with a new and returning audience, we aim to keep their taste buds stimulated! Aasia continues to invest in new trends of dishes that allow our venues to create and serve easy, on trend menus, that don’t need a Chef to be part of the team. Our operational training gives full support when undertaking your journey with Centenary Lounge, our franchises will enjoy a 2 to 4 week work experience within one our current locations, to give them the grounding they need to succeed on their journey.

Events are a source of stimulating our stores and we have run extremely successful Jazz and themed night prior to Covid. Our marketing and operations team are currently working on the 2021 nights, which are top secret and due to start in September. These events are planned for each venue and are planned to perfection.

Interested in joining our business then call Paul, our Franchise Director, on 073429 80193 for a chat.