Enjoy our art deco decor

Elegant yet contemporary, inspired by the decor of refreshment rooms in the heyday of Great Western Railway, Centenary Lounge is a stunning recreation of a 1930s Art Deco Bistro.

The decor tastefully recaptures the Period Railway Buffet at its very best with a sophisticated walnut panelled interior complete with all of the appropriate features typical of an authentic Great Western Railway facility, the focal point being the iconic GWR Art Deco roundel.

We are proud to have won many accolades including being shortlisted for a National Architecture Award together with a B.A Award from “Business Today”.

Photograph of our art deco styled lamps and clockWe are especially proud of our genuine Art Deco fireplace, which as well as looking fabulous is a piece of history. The fireplace was originally designed for a director’s office at Paddington station when it was refurbished in the 1930s. We are grateful to David Redfern, who acquired it from Colonel Bob Stark and kindly donated it to Centenary Lounge. Mounted above the fireplace we have a fascinating original 1930’s map of the railway network.

To complete the experience all food and drink is presented on replica GWR 1930s tableware. This stunning range of beautifully packaged Art Deco tableware can be bought in Centenary Lounge or online, and is called Recreations. The products, like everything about Centenary Lounge are produced with absolute attention to detail and have been manufactured in conjunction with NMSI and the National Railway Museum. So much so that they have been endorsed by the famous enthusiast and collector Sir William McAlpine.

Art Deco design is echoed throughout the cafe, including our Great Western Railway logo etched into the mirror behind the bar, the stylish lighting, the GWR welcome mat, the clock also etched into a mirror and even the design of the fridge!