Make mine a G and Tea!

New Events for this year are our Gin Club & Tea Club

Would you like to find out more about your favourite tipple and taste a choice of tempting flavours?  Teetotal? Our Tea Club is the perfect place to find out how best to serve the very best cup of tea.

Read on to find out more……..

The Gin Club is a social event designed to


  • Educate members about the history of gin.
  • Enjoy 3 tasters of local and regionally distilled gins, served with mixers and garnishes, including a ‘Special Guest Gin ‘ from around the world.
  • Gin programme of the evening – 6 issues.
  • Canapes menu available on the night – extra charge
  • Guest speakers in from local distilleries
  • Discount card for the online shop

Event to be hosted on a Friday evening between 7pm and 8pm First event to be launched on Friday 25th February 2022. This is a very popular event, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Maximum 20 members per session.

Did you know……

Gin’s history goes back to the 17th Century and it is said that the first place it originated is Holland?

Gin is good for you! It is made from juniper berries. These are known to have medicinal properties, so it’s probably the healthiest booze out there!

The Tea Club

  • A social event designed to educate members about the science behind tea,
  • Enjoy several taster teas (including a ‘Special Guest Tea ‘ from around the world) paired with cake and biscuit bites.
  • Included are discounts on tea sets.
  • Tea Programme of the day – 6 issues.
  • Goody Bag.


Did you know…….

There are roughly 1,500 types of tea in the world.

Tea was originally used for medicinal purposes and was often chewed, not drunk!

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