Organic Coffee and Teas

Here at Centenary Lounge we pride ourselves on the wide range of bountiful beverages that we offer. It is of great importance to us that they are ethically sourced, organic and of course great tasting!

Ethically Sourced Coffees

Smell the coffee……Nothing beats a cup of steaming aromatic coffee to start off the morning or pep you up in the afternoon. We only sell organic coffee that is Fair Trade certified. Our delicious coffee is single origin, 100% Arabica and is all the way from Peru (home of our very own Paddington Bear!).

Peruvian Organic Fairtrade  

This coffee is velvety and well balanced with a gentle and citrus like acidity which is complimented by a delicate sweetness and smooth, silky body.

The aftertaste is crisp and clean.



  A Spotlight on Origin

This unique Peruvian coffee is grown in the lush provinces of Jaen and San Ignacio in Northern Peru.

The Peruvian government plays an important role in promoting coffee quality and culture across the country. Government support has helped Peru become the 8th largest coffee producer in the world, boasting 200,000+ producers, the great majority of which are small holder farms.

The SHG grade (Strictly High Grown) specifies that this coffee has been grown at an altitude higher than 1,350m. High growing altitudes means lower evening temperatures, slowing down the growth rate of the fruit and increasing maturation. This creates a denser, more flavour packed bean with refined acidity.

This coffee is grown high in the Peruvian Andes. Rich, nutrient dense soils and a cool, temperate climate provide ideal growing conditions for high quality Arabica coffees.

Come and try it for yourself!

Refreshing Teas

Our Teas are single origin, fully traceable, estate grown teas.

We are proud to offer an assortment of refreshing teas from our supplier The Tea Makers of London, who are unambiguous in their commitment to the quality of their tea and the relationships behind each and every one. They meet their farmers, in person or online, from a place of equity, respect and community, and put low-intervention farming methods and minimal processing of the leaves at the heart of what they do.

We want you to get a sense of all that a tea is, and can be, from soil to cup. Whether it’s an English Breakfast to start your morning, a soothing rooibos or a smoky oolong, our award-winning teas are here to invigorate, delight and help you create precious moments of peace in your day.

We use loose leaf teas at our Worcester café and elsewhere at our remaining sites we use the same tea but in triunes, which are entirely plastic free and 100% biodegradable.

Many of the teas we stock have won Great Taste Awards and are just delicious, but just don’t take our word for it, pop in and try a cup for yourself!

We invite you to savour every cup.