Summer Spritz Offer at Centenary Lounge

As the temperature starts to rise, there’s nothing quite like relaxing with a refreshing summer spritz. Centenary Lounge has been busy experimenting with flavours and ingredients to bring you a selection of refreshing drinks that are perfect for hot summer days. Start celebrating the joys of summer with our spritz offer – 2 summer spritz for £12.

Aperol Spritz

Experience the vibrant and bittersweet taste of an Aperol Spritz, a beloved Italian aperitif that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. This sparkling drink, topped with Prosecco and soda water, is perfectly balanced by the aromatic zest of a fresh orange slice.

Aperol Drink next to Aperol Cocktail

Limoncello Spritz

For a zesty and invigorating twist, the Limoncello Spritz is an excellent choice. Limoncello is beautifully complemented by the effervescence of Prosecco and soda water, and the addition of a fresh lemon slice enhances its bright, citrusy notes.

Limoncello drink next to Limoncello cocktail

Elderflower Spritz

The Elderflower Spritz is light and floral, perfect for a sophisticated summer gathering. The delicate sweetness of elderflower syrup, paired with dry gin, is elevated by the sparkling Prosecco and soda water. A slice of lime and a sprig of mint add a fresh and aromatic finish to this elegant drink.

Bombay Sapphire Drink next to Elderflower Syrup and Cocktail


Indulge in the classic British charm of a Pimm’s. This delightful drink combines the rich, spiced flavour of Pimm’s with the light, bubbly sweetness of lemonade. Garnished with freshly sliced cucumber, juicy strawberries, vibrant orange slices, and fragrant mint leaves, each sip is a burst of refreshing flavours.

Pimm's Alcoholic Drink next to Pimm's Cocktail

Centenary Lounge invites you to escape the heat and enjoy our selection of summer spritz. Take advantage of our special offer – 2 summer spritz for £12. Whether you’re a spritz aficionado or simply in search of a cool drink to savour in the sunshine, our menu has something to offer. Join us and raise a glass to the joys of summer!

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