Centenary Welcomes a Royal Guest

The city of Birmingham was buzzing with excitement this week as the Prince and Princess of Wales made their way to the historical Jewellery Quarter to celebrate the city’s diverse culture and meet with creative leaders at The Rectory. The royal couple’s visit was a great honour for the people of Birmingham and was warmly welcomed by the locals.During their visit, the royal couple made a stop at our Centenary Lounge café, located in the stunning Grade ll listed Birmingham Moor St Station. The Prince and Princess of Wales were treated to a cup of green tea, and a delicious cake, a raspberry and coconut slice. The couple seemed to thoroughly enjoy their visit to the café and thanked the team for the warm hospitality they received.The Centenary Lounge café is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, known for its Art Deco interiors and excellent food and drinks. The café has been a part of Birmingham Moor St Station for many years and is known for its integral role in the restoration of the station. The visit by the royal couple was a testament to the café’s reputation and its contribution to the community.The Prince and Princess of Wales also visited the Indian Streatery, located in the centre of Birmingham. The Indian Streatery is a popular restaurant that offers a range of authentic Indian street food dishes, such as chaat, samosas, and pakoras. The royal couple was seen interacting with the staff and customers of the restaurant and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the food and ambiance of the place.The visit to the Indian Streatery highlighted the cultural diversity of Birmingham and the importance of celebrating and promoting different cultures. The city of Birmingham is known for its multiculturalism, with people from various ethnic backgrounds living together in harmony. The royal couple’s visit was a great opportunity to showcase the city’s diverse culture and the contributions of its ethnic communities to the city’s growth and development.Overall, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ visit to Birmingham was a great success and was a testament to the city’s rich history and culture. The visit to the Centenary Lounge café and the Indian Streatery showcased the city’s culinary delights and its diversity. The royal couple’s warm reception and interactions with the locals were a testament to their commitment to promoting and celebrating different cultures and communities. The people of Birmingham will always remember this visit as a significant event in the city’s history.