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Centenary Lounge cafes are a popular chain of cafes situated in railway stations across the Midlands. Known for their retro-style interiors and delicious food, these cafes have now taken their customer experience to the next level with the introduction of a click and collect service using the Mr Yum QR code.

The Mr Yum QR code is an innovative platform that allows customers to browse the menu, order and pay for their food and drinks from their mobile devices. This new service is a game-changer for those travelling by train as it enables them to pre-order their food and drinks before they arrive at the station.

The process is simple: customers just need to scan the Mr Yum QR code, select the Centenary Lounge cafe they wish to order from, and then browse the menu. Once they have made their selection, they can pay for their order via the online service and specify the time they will arrive at the station.

This new service offers several benefits for those travelling by train. Firstly, it eliminates the need to wait in long queues, which is especially beneficial during peak travel times when stations can be very busy. Secondly, it saves time, as customers can pick up their order as soon as they arrive at the station, allowing them to quickly catch their train. Lastly, it provides customers with greater flexibility, as they can order their food and drinks from anywhere, at any time, and have it ready for them when they arrive at the station.

In addition to the convenience of pre-ordering, the Mr Yum online service also offers customers a seamless ordering and payment experience. The app is user-friendly, and customers can easily navigate the menu and pay for their order without any hassle. Additionally, the QR code also allows customers to add special requests or dietary requirements, making it easy for them to customize their order to their liking.

Overall, the Centenary Lounge’s new click and collect online service using the Mr Yum QR code is a game-changer for those travelling by train. It provides customers with a more convenient, efficient and flexible way to order food and drinks, saving them time and hassle. So, the next time you are travelling by train and want to enjoy a delicious meal or drink from Centenary Lounge, make sure to use the Mr Yum app to pre-order your refreshments and have it ready for you when you arrive at the station.

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