Recreations by Centenary Lounge

Recreations by Centenary Lounge

The Recreations products are designed to reflect those used in the halcyon years of the internationally renowned Great Western Railway. The company’s origins date back to 1835 and began with the appointment of Isambard Kingdom Brunel as its first Chief Engineer. Always at the cutting edge of technology and at the pinnacle of style the GWR grew to become one of the largest commercial ventures in the world!

By 1923 it was carrying 170,000,000 passengers a year together with 60,000,000 tons of goods. With 108,110 employees its empire stretched from its London Paddington Headquarters to Penzance in Cornwall and as far North as Liverpool. Its operations encompassed ocean going ships, major docks throughout South Wales, aeroplanes and some of the countries finest hotels.

During the 1930’s, not wishing to appear to fall behind the times, the GWR embarked upon a massive modernisation plan. The scheme included new rolling stock, rebuilt stations and hotels together with goods facilities and infrastructure.

As part of this new image was the worlds fastest scheduled train service – The Cheltenham Flyer and as the focal point of its rebranding was the iconic Art Deco roundel. The design on the product contained here depicts the typical black leaf pattern used on GWR porcelain during this period which would have appeared in on-train restaurant cars, station buffets and in the company’s famous hotels.

We are passionate about the rich tapestry of history that is the United Kingdom. We believe that the quality and style of an earlier age where every detail mattered should be available to you. The result of this is our stunning collection of GWR tableware.

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